Triggers (TRIG): The Cryptocurrency of Smartguns

Triggers (TRIG): The Cryptocurrency of Smartguns

More and more every day, startups in the crypto world are developing new novel and niche uses for blockchain technology, from tracking blood diamonds and battling election fraud to buying virtual cats and rewarding customers with loyalty points. Triggers is one of these unique and interesting tokens.

What is Triggers?

Triggers sets out to fix complex problems facing the gun industry and firearm owners, ranging from individuals and governments to private security and corporate enterprises. Blocksafe, the company behind the Triggers token, believes that the consensus-building enabled by blockchain technology can provide an all-in-one security solution for smartguns.

But before going more into how the token functions, it is important to first understand what exactly smartgun technology entails. According to Blocksafe, these guns protect users by protecting their rights and anonymity while also saving lives by providing an infrastructure for enhanced self-defense features.

By incorporating Triggers, Blocksafe’s partners can use the network’s decentralized machine-to-machine communication to power their weapons’ smart devices.

At the moment, the most notable partner and example of this is Justifire. Put simply, their smart firearm environmental recording apparatus captures multiple streams of live data from a firearm including audio, video, angle, direction and velocity. In cases of lethal action or where a shot was fired, this is an invaluable tool that can provide gun owners with loads of information that could then be used as evidence in a court of law.

Another member of Blocksafe’s consortium is TriggerSmart. This company specializes in the creation of firearm safety technologies such as childproof guns, by using the latest tech in radio frequency wireless technologies (RFID), wireless networks and personal recognition systems. Blocksafe plans to have Triggers power TriggerSmart’s solutions in the near future.

As you can see, Blocksafe and their partners have big plans for Triggers as a tool to protect gun owners and those around them.

The Triggers (TRIG) Token

At the time of writing, Triggers ranks 242 on CMC with a $26,547,877 market cap and a $2,118,920 trade volume. The circulating supply of Trigger tokens is over 32 million with 10 million earmarked for development, 10 million for marketing and another 10 million going to the founders.

At the time of writing, the price of Triggers sits at $0.82. In September 2017, it rose to $2.21 and subsequently peaked at its ATH of $8.85 during the December and January cryptocurrency bull run.

In recent weeks, it has trended downwards like most coins in the crypto space.

Some in the cryptosphere claim that Triggers has been used in the past by pump and dump groups but from the team’s partnerships and credentials, it’s doubtful that the token is a scam.

Right now, Binance is the only exchange that lists Trigger.

Binance / Trigger
Binance / Trigger

The Blocksafe Team

One of the best aspects of Blocksafe and the team behind Triggers is that they maintain clear communication and transparency the majority of the time. This is highlighted by the fact that they all clearly link to their LinkedIn pages to dispel any notions of shadiness. It’s clear they aren’t shying away from their team’s experience and skills.

And when it comes to that experience, the 10 person team has solid backgrounds in a wide range of fields relating to defense, security, guns, computer science and cryptos. And this is demonstrated in clear terms by the CEO Kevin Barnes’ status as a US Army veteran and his 20+ years as a systems coder.

Blocksafe Team

The team also regularly engages in cryptocurrency and defense exhibitions as well as having an active presence on social media. One gripe is that the Triggers white paper is severely lacking in concrete details and an overall roadmap.

Blocksafe’s Partners

As we mentioned above, Blocksafe already has partnerships with two companies at the forefront of smartgun technology. On top of that, they are partnered with Datalife, a token for data-driven economies; Visual Flights, a drone technology company; guniary, a blockchain enabled gun diary used to store encrypted gun information; and Kickr Design, a design and manufacturing business.

Blocksafe’s Partners

The team is also working hard to add more partners and according to Barnes, they have spoken with many gun manufacturers. About a quarter of them expressed interest in adopting Triggers.

Where Does Triggers Go From Here?

After the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the need for gun safety is once again back in the spotlight. And Barnes thinks that blockchain technology can go a long way in reducing the misapplication or misuse of guns.

“Decentralized applications (DApps) can be developed in a way that greatly benefits companies in the gun industry. For example, a third-party device is created by a manufacturer. They could install a custom-built DApp onto it, so the manufacturer can easily track its inventory and distribution,” the CEO of Blocksafe said.

In the near future, according to Blocksafe’s website, the team plans to launch their internal test net, their Justifire test net and their masternode.


Because blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, it’s often difficult to tell where practical applications of the technology exist and where they have no place. Triggers is no exception to this mystery.

But what we can say with confidence is this: if Blocksafe can deliver a solid and workable product in the coming years and can secure partnerships with big-time companies in the firearm industry, then it will no doubt be time to view blockchain as a serious tool in aiding the logistics, production, sales and safety of guns.

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