Sparkster Platform: Blockchain Technology Easily Created by Anyone

Sparkster Platform: Blockchain Technology Easily Created by Anyone

The greatest obstacle preventing people from entering the digital landscape has always been not knowing how to code. Sparkster is planning on solving this problem for the world with their innovative new system.

This is one of the main hooks that the Sparkster team has launched with and it has caused quite a spark. In addition to making developing blockchain based software free of the complications of conventional coding, they are also planning on hitting sky-high numbers of transactions per second, or TPS rates.

Simplifying the Complexities of Coding for the Average Person

Sparkster wishes to become what Uber became to the transportation business. Much like how Uber turned anyone with a vehicle into a certified driver for their massively well networked business, Sparkster has similarly huge ambitions for their own work.

With the act of web developing made more open to the public, a world of possibilities can emerge. Creative individuals who did not possess the technical knowhow to code can finally have their dreams be actualized at their own hands.

Essentially, they translate popular web development software, programs and languages into easy and intuitive tools. They will be able to be understood and utilized by anyone with a strong grasp of the English language. HMTL interfaces, APIs, Multi Chains, and IOT will all have their unique properties converted in a way that eliminates the need to have integral computer science based knowledge.

This is a very innovative yet also important step in the path to true decentralization. As great as blockchain technology is, it can still only be used by people who have studied computer programing, coding and development. And it isn’t like the only people in the world who are interested or even invested in cryptocurrencies are just those with computer science degrees. A massive amount of the crypto world simply does not have direct access to power of blockchain, because they have no idea where to start or what to do with it. Sparkster is planning on mitigating this issue.


Blocks of Code are Packaged Up to Input as You Like

A test build of their platform is currently available at their main website. It allows you to truly see and feel for yourself how simple actions like typing and drag and dropping makes web building and development a simple matter.

This new platform of Sparkster’s will also heavily reduce costs and time. Developing software is often an arduous and time consuming endeavor. Sparkster can also cut down on the money and resources normally spent on conventional software development. This keeps in line with what many start-up crypto businesses are doing—finding innovative and out of the box ways to allow you to spend less on beneficial services.

10 Million TPS

Like we mentioned before, development simplification is only the first of two major things that Sparkster is bringing to the table. They claim that their platform will be able to achieve 10 million transactions per second, all while remaining on-chain.

With their most recent net tests they were able to achieve over 6000 transactions per second using only six “cells” which presumably means nodes or connected users. With 50 cells they were able to reach 52,963 transactions per second.

Even though these numbers are higher than average, they are aiming higher in order to nip in the bud the growing concerns of blockchains growing too large for their own good from more and more data pressure from so many new users. This TPS number can only be expected to increase exponentially as Sparkster acquires more users to join their platform and register with them.

The “Sparkster Decentralized Cloud” is the name given to this new blockchain platform that they are using to achieve these two very ambitious ends.

Their System is Incentivized by the SPARK Token

Sparkster recently had their pre-sale conclude in late May. They received so much hype that they were actually over-subscribed, meaning they received more participants than anticipated. A crowdsale was recently announced to be coming soon. A specific date has yet to be announced other than that it will likely be in June or July.

The total token supply will be 435 million SPARK coins. Two thirds, 290 million tokens, will be sold to the public. Each SPARK coin is worth roughly $0.15 US dollars. The SPARK token is categorized as an ERC 20 meaning that an Ethererum wallet will be necessary to own these coins.

Token Distribution

Sparkster is a team made up of members from both India and the Orlando, Florida. They have expertise working for such corporations as Cisco, AT&T and IBM.

More information about the project and the team can be found at They also have a Medium blog, a Twitter and Youtube account, and a Bitcointalk page where they regularly answer FAQs, post blog updates and videos that go more in-depth regarding their usage of sharding, their new software building platform, and more.

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