A smartphone-based system allows users all over the world to connect and share experiences

UbiatarPlay ICO



Ubiatar and their token, UbiatarPlay, intend on powering the dream of ubiquity; being able to experience any place at any time. A smartphone-based system allows users all over the world to connect and share experiences.

Ubiatar’s USP is the promise to provide a service that allows users across the globe to connect and share their experiences. An individual (Avatar) uses their smartphone to explore their locale, while the user at home (Usar) controls and views their every moment. It’s the ultimate vicarious experience.

UbiatarPlay is the token Ubiatar intend to power their ecosystem. An App Store-like system is at the heart of their platform, where Avatars and Usars can connect and exchange experiences and tokens.


Token Distribution



Fulvio Dominici
Founder - CTO
Francesco Raco
Founder - CFO
Maria Elena Gitto
Venture Capital - CEO
Antonio Giordano
Marco Lucchetti
Davide Borella
Community Manager
Maria La Grotta
Back Office
Luca Tedesco
Backend Developer
Antonio Rinaldo
Jr Frontend Developer
Andrea Santu
Frontend Developer
Fabio Padoin
Jr Backend Developer
Elisa Nardecchia
Visual/UI Designer
Alessio Conte
Sr Visual/UI/UX Designer
Alice Doyle
System testing
Elena Smeraglia
System testing
Aurora Camoglio
PR Events
Stefania Menini
Jessica Lor
Marketing / Community Manager
Anna Shmatok
Account for Russia
Woo Lai Ling Louise
Account for China and Hong Kong

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