Traxia intend to change the way trade finance works with their decentralized ecosystem. Blockchain technology allows them to offer fast, secure, and transparent transactions at a low cost.

Traxia ICO


Traxia’s goal is to create a new and decentralized ecosystem for trade finance transactions that is free from current restrictions. With $43 trillion USD held in accounts receivable on any given day, small and medium enterprises are stuck to negotiate with banks on issues of liquidity.

Traxia intends to change this discrepancy, by creating a blockchain based platform where buyers, sellers, and investors related to SMEs can have a system that is fast, secure and transparent.


Token Distribution

Token Sale40%
Liquidity Pool20%


Tobias Pfütze
co-Founder & CEO
Florian Zeim
co-Founder & Product Development
Jean Michel Lied Lied
Bruno Botelho
Sebastien Cheng
Business Development Executive
Armin Bieser
Senior Management and Strategy Support
Jerome Eger
Business Development (Institutional Investors)
Alexander Feenie
Business Development (MNC)
Joyce Gu
Senior Sales Support
Miguel Solana
Product Strategy and Europe
Jonas Tang
senior IT

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