In an age where data security is becoming increasingly important, Topia acknowledged that there was no way to safely share digital assets. There are many new decentralized applications based on blockchain technology, yet there was no secure data layer to protect transactions. Topia’s encryption service means you can send and share digital assets with an intended recipient with complete security.

As there is no central server to monitor transactions, Topia’s SDFS network provides a point-to-point data layer that adds much needed protection to decentralized technologies. The TopiaCoin cryptocurrency will power the platform’s economy and the tokens will be used for paying fees associated with the creation and replication of digital assets. It will also be used to pay container creation fees.

Token Distribution

Public Sale60.67%
Topia Held Reserve15%
Special Projects & Network Investment5%


Janine Terrano
Jeff Cesari
EVP of Corporate Development
John Haager
Chief Blockchain Architect
Dan Joslin
Director & Security Strategist
Cody Sandwith
Blockchain Engineer
Jeff Pack
Director of Engineering
Sean Gray
Security Engineer
Cuneyt Baris
Community Token Manager

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