STC is the first cryptocurrency with a growing inner value. It’s backed by a portfolio of Swiss real estate and is continuously traded with enough liquidity to prevent the volatility traditionally seen in crypto markets. When demand for the SRC token is high, outrunning the value of the portfolio, additional tokens are issued at market price and invested in further real estate.

All token owners are able to vote on which investments should be made or avoided. The platform will assist with these decisions and give transparent data.

Token Distribution

Company, Team & Advisors7%


Brigitte Luginbühl
CEO & Head Real Estate
Yauhen Yakimovich
CTO & Head Blockchain and PropTech
Luca Burlando
Sarah Jordi
CMO & Head PR, Communication & Marketing
Andrea Stöhr
CLO Head Legal
Yannick Gutierrez
Social Media Manager
David Haab
Nadia Diemers
Office & Operational Manager
Marc Hautle
Investor Relations Manager
Tobias Koch
Investor Relations Manager
Kim Vogel
Marketing Coordinator
Jerome Fischer
Business Development
Dr. Vardan Andriasyan
Lead AI & Data Scientist
Maja Gajic
Office Manager

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