The Rouge Project


The Rouge Project

The Rogue Project aims to create a decentralized platform that reduces costs and streamlines the growth of the digital token market. Smart contracts facilitate credible transactions without the need for a third party, and the Rogue Project hopes to use this technology to disrupt the current digital token market.
The RGE token will be used to power the ecosystem of the Rogue Project, allowing issuers, publishers, and users to navigate the Rogue Project platform of decentralized applications.

Token Distribution

Token Generation Event50%
Reserve Y+1 (2019)30%
Reserve Y+2 (2020)20%


Naira d′Arcollières
Christophe Le Bars
Chief Architect
Valentin D. Guillois
Development Lead
Juliette Mage
Project Manager
David Chang-Han Yi
Business Development
Stéphanie Boisset
Web design
Dave Barton

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