Crypto crowdfunding for a greater cause

RootProject – ICO Distribution


Creating a token for the better improvement of real world social issues, RootProject aims to accumulate social capital to create demand and fund community projects relating to hunger, hygiene and general impoverishment. Donors will receive tax exemptions and project managers earn their salary from this ecosystem.


Token Distribution

Post-ICO Schedule31%
ICO Distribution18.5%
Contingency Fund20%
Project initiators7%
Unaffiliated Developers Incentive7%
Research Fund6%
Bounty Campain 0.5%


Chris Place
Dr. Nicholas Adams Judge
Cofounder & CEO
Anton Kraminkin
Development Director
Zac Filan
Principal Software Engineer
Alex Bazhanau
Principal Ethereum Engineer
Mark Streeter
Head of Investor Outreach
David Richey
Director of Communications
Jason Koman
Chief of Staff
ChanMi Kim
Country Manager - Korea



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