Ad hoc mobile mesh networking platform



RightMesh are focused on using blockchain technology and their RMESH tokens to create an ecosystem that connects the world, allowing those who are currently unconnected to access content and information that could improve their lives.


RightMesh plans to connect the entire world via their mesh networking protocol. By using P2P connections across Android and Internet of Things devices, users will be able to share their data, bandwidth and storage to those without access. Their RMESH tokens will power and incentivize this network of sharing.

RightMesh’s aims are on a global scale, allowing developers to use their SDK to allow the platform to run across a broad range of applications.


Token Distribution

Public Distribution30%
RightMesh AG & Community30%
Advisors & TGE Costs10%
Airdrop to Community10%


Dr. Jason Ernst
Chief Networking Scientist, Left CTO
Dr. David Wang
Chief Micropayments Scientist
Saju Abraham
Chief Product Officer
John Lyotier
Co-Founder and COO, Left CEO
Chris Jensen
Co-Founder and CEO, Left COO
Melissa Quinn
Corporate Development Manager
Rakib Islam
Co-Founder and CTO
Tracy McDonald
Director, Talent & Culture
Dana Harvey
Chief Communications Officer
Alyse Killeen
Executive Strategist
Lucien Loiseau
Lead Mesh Networking Scientist
Brianna MacNeil
Product Manager
Caryl Longden
Operations Director

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