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quickx protocol

QuickX identified some of the main problems holding back the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and created a platform to fix them. The QuickX Protocol carries out transactions off of the blockchain that the assets are held on. It then makes use of pooling facilitators who can supply the finances and liquidity for transfers to be carried out across blockchains. This interoperability means that transactions are carried out with greater speed and between various cryptocurrencies, without any prohibitive fees. QuickX makes it possible for you to instantly make transactions across all of your blockchain assets.

Token Distribution

Token Sale60%
Liquidity Reserve15%
Founders & Team13%
Strategic Partnerships5%


Vaibhav Adhlakha
Founder and CEO
Kshitij Adhlakha
Founder and COO
Nageela R
Nicholas Morgan
Head Software development
Simon F Williams
Head Of Product Development
Bhaskar Varshney
Head Product Design and User Experience
Nikita Ruzhevsky
Blockchain Developer
Soraya Naseen
Core Developer
Kolner Gavin
Blockchain Architect and Developer
Sachin Rana
Digital Marketing Head
Suki Chendrawan
Business Head South East Asia
Tom Cheung
China Community Manager
Illia Horodetskyi
Community Manager
Sunny Ukeachu
Africa Community Manager
Viv Thapar
Growth Hacker
Andrii Syliuk
Bounty Manager

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