Peer Mountain Public sale


Peer Mountain

Peer MountainPeer Mountain has created a platform that focuses on giving customers full control over their personal protected information. At the same time, it gives businesses the ability to connect, engage with, and protect their customers.

Token Distribution

Legal Reserve8%


Jed Grant, MBA
CEO, Lead Architect, & Visionary
Dr. Markus Forster
Data Scientist
Joel Wealer
Lead Project Manager
Federico Cardoso
Blockchain Architect
Ignacio Althabe
Blockchain Developer
Gabriel Pineda
Backend Developer
Luis Giunta
Software Engineer
Florian Lagouche
Blockchain DevOps Engineer
Mark Rogers
Mobile Lead
Stefan Vartolomeev
Mobile Architect
Pavel Pavlov
Mobile Architect
Antonia Cherkrachieva
Mobile Developer
Jaime Prieto
Compliance Officer
Marc Garriga
Digital Marketing
Patrick Seguin
Content Manager
Ekaterina Semeshina
UI/UX Design
Anna Krol
Community Manager
Dominique Rademacher
Web Developer
Chi Nguyen
Community Manager
Baldric Reche
Community Manager

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