PAVO brings together two cutting-edge technologies, blockchain and the Internet of Things, to create a platform for agriculture professionals looking to embrace data and technology.

PavoCoin Main Sale



The Pavo platform is built with the agriculture professional at its heart. The experience of the founders in the ‘Ag’ world has been transferred to their blockchain based ecosystem. Pavo’s goal is to provide an Internet of Things system that carefully monitors and records all aspects of the crop production lifecycle. It ensures that the important measurements stay within optimal ranges.

The role of the PavoCoin is to drive the ecosystem that Pavo creates, facilitating transactions between all parts of the agricultural process; growers, producers, innovators, retailers, and service providers. Blockchain technology allows Pavo to record, report, and analyze the key areas of the process, from seed to market.

Token Distribution

Controlled Reserve Fund20%
Community Reserve10%
ICO Incentives and Bounty3%
Growers Reserve3%


Allan Young
Co-founder and Vice-Chairman
Erhan Cakmak
CEO & Co-Founder
Ari Gorman
Dave Dabbah
Atakan Cetinsoy
VP Product Management
David Howard
VP Corporate Strategy
Basir Momand
IT Sensor Engineering
Mike Booker
Chief Cultivator

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