Opiria is a platform that allows for the safe and secure selling, buying, and trading of personal data.

Opiria ICO


Personal data is one of the newest and most sought after commodities. By taking control of your own personal data, you can sell it directly to businesses in exchange for Opiria’s PDATA tokens. The goal of Opiria is to allow consumers to create a passive income from their data on a platform that gives security and transparency.

Companies can buy customer data through a safe a secure channel, in compliance with newly introduced GDPR laws.


Token Distribution

Token Generation Event60%
Development Team & Founders20%
Development Fund13%


Dr.-Ing. Christian Lange
Founder & CEO
Dipl.-Inf. Marlene Gagesch
Co-Founder & CTO
Christine Seraph
Sales Manager
Gerard Bute
Sales Assistant
James Quentin
Sales Assistant
Alexander Tauber
Sales Assistant
Toma Corbu
Software architecture
Marius Balaban
Frontend development
Dorin Danilov
App development
Daniel Turcan
App development
Eugen Melentii
App development
Vlad Blana
Algorithm development
Paul Olteanu
Frontend development
Bogdan Uretu
Razvan Tautu
UX Design



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