A decentralized navigation solution

Navibration Public Sale


Navibration is reinventing the way we know and explore the world around us. A pioneering navigation tool which requires no internet connection or maps to use, Navibration acts as a guide without needing to look at a device – it relies on vibration as a means of directing the user. Acting as a social network, users will be able to create their own routes and make them available for purchase within the Experiences platform. Use of blockchain enables user rewards for interacting with the community and creating routes in a transparent and fair manner.

Token Distribution

Token sale40%
Future Airdrop for token holders 20%
Mentors and ICO costs10%


David Ortega
Head of Development
Francisco Merino
Founder & CEO
Jared Polites
Head of Marketing
Justin McCarthy
Head of Communications
Carlos Sanahuja
Head of Operations
Juanjo Chust
Blockchain dev
Aaron Martínez
Blockchain dev
Nelson Marco
Blockchain dev
Alexis Piquer
J. Eduard Garriga

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