Monetizr Crowdsale



The MTZ token is used on the Monetizr platform to reward players for engaging with games. The more time they invest in the platform, the more tokens they are rewarded with. Developers access the unused processing power of gamer’s devices to mine for cryptocurrencies. Brands are able to promote their presence and engage with targeted customers by sponsoring rewards.

MTZ powers the ecosystem for all involved, in a mutually beneficial system for gamers, developers, and brands. The tokens can be exchanged for real goods and rewards for gamers’ participation.

Token Distribution

Token Sale51%
Game Developers 25%
Bounty & Community4%


Andris Merkulovs
Co-Founder and CEO
Martins Bratuskins
Co-Founder and COO
Reinis Skorovs
Co-Founder and CTO
MC Petermann
Head of Marketing
Shawn Wilkinson
Founder and CTO of Storj
Tim Steudler
Gaming Advisor
Tim O′Neil
Gaming Advisor
Thor Alexander
Gaming Advisor

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