MEvU is a decentralized platform that uses peer-to-peer wagering so that users can bet against each other.

MEvU Token Crowdsale



MEvU has developed a system that makes it possible to bet on anything against anyone. Their global network means that users can wager on the outcome of any situation, whether it’s with friends or against any other user of the platform. The decentralized and peer-to-peer system brings betting back to its basics.

Token Distribution

Private sale15,000,000 MVU
Crowdsale45,000,000 MVU
MEvU44,000,000 MVU


Kelvin Coelho
Co-Founder, Project Lead
Tim McCulloch
Co-Founder, Technical Lead
Housan Ali
Full Stack Dev
Alex Cabral
Sport & Marketing Business Dev
Danny Kong
Blockchain Dev
Nathan Knight
Blockchain & Back-End Dev
Tucker Robinson
Marketing & Social Media Intern
Tamara Soboljevski

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