Me Token Main sale


Me Token

EconoMe uses blockchain technology to create a community of customers, influencers, and brands to create and share digital content.  The Me Token is a currency that incentivizes all users of the platform to cultivate the very best content in their niche. It’s fair, secure, and redresses the balance of traditional social media platforms.

Token Distribution

Token distribution event35%
Advisors & Team10%
Reserved for future verticals & extension of ecosystem35%


Jonathan Leong
Founder and Chairman, Serial entrepreneur with platforms transacting billions per month
Rufus Parkinson
CEO and Co-founder of Me Token, Formerly LVMH
Sebastian Hewing
Product & Business Insights Director, Formerly Rocket Internet / Zalando
Edward Celata
Vice President Head of Community & Growth, Formerly RewardStyle /
Eric Lin
CTO, blockchain technology and business strategist, formerly Founder/COO StarVR, Microsoft, Acer
Alan Lian
Tech Lead at Me Token, developed patented tech stack, 13 years software development and architecture