Liquidity Network


The Liquidity.Network provides users with an interface on which they can make blockchain payments and exchanges in a secure and simple manner, significantly reducing the transaction costs and brining blockchain technology to the layman.

Much of their focus is on the speed at which blockchain transactions are carried out. Technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are only capable of processing small amounts of transactions per second. Although off-chain methods can process many more transactions, there have been numerous limiting factors. One of the biggest barriers to customers is the fact that large deposits need to be locked up, and complex money routing systems need to be in place. Liquidity.Network hopes to change all that.

Their payment system for decentralized blockchain technologies will remove the traditional barriers of off-chain transaction processing, and can scale their system to many millions of users.

Token Distribution

Public Pre-Sale15%
Public Sale50%
LiquidChain GmbH35%


Arthur Gervais, PhD.
Rami Khalil
Inventor of REVIVE
George Sedky
Guillaume Felley
Thibault Meunier
Janine Videva
Tony Tran
Imran Khan
Mohammed Kasstawi

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