Hero promotes their business as the first app in the world that allows users to create their own personal cryptocurrency. It combines elements of a social networking platform along with a focus on promoting your own brand. HeroApp, as their product is known, promises a blockchain-assisted means for individuals, brands, and influencers to interact. Their aim is to create an ecosystem in which cryptocurrencies can thrive.

Individuals can follow their favorite brands, buying into the digital currencies that reflect their interests and being rewarded for it. Businesses will have a platform to promote their own cryptocurrency and services via specially provided engagement tools. Influencers can reach out to fans with offers and information. HeroApp is taking blockchain technology to the masses.


Token Distribution

Development, Community Management, Early Investors, Consultants20%
Internal Exchange10%


Viktar Krukau
Alexey Korotkov
Lead iOS developer
Alexander Kartsev
Senior iOS developer
Sergio Zakharov
UX Designer
Andrey Kazarovets
Android developer
Yulia Terebei
Marketing Analyst
Yulia Kuryanovich
Brand Analyst
Mikita Chaikouski
Advertising and PR Manager
Maxim Kurachev
Database Analyst
Constantine Pisjaukow
SEO Specialist
Andrei Safronau
Content Manager
Yulia Rusetskaya
Community Manager

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