A cryptocurrency for facilitating charity

Giftcoin – Token Offering 1



Giftcoin will fix the problem that many perceive in the charity industry as a lack of transparency by relying on the blockchain to record and give complete access to all transactions, ensuring that users’ currency reaches the destination in its exact amount as intended.

Token Distribution

Token Offering 1 (20th March 2018)10%
Token Offering 2 (October 2018)35%
Giftcoin Foundation reserves25%
Founders and team15%
Undefined (Undefined tokens will be retained for distribution for community initiatives, business development, academic research, education and market expansion.)15%

Founding Team

Alex Howard
Charity Founder & Visionary
Tim Bichara
Product Specialist
Jon Beddoes
Enterpreneur & Investor
Chris Cain
Thought Leader & Crypto Enthusiast
Ben Evans
Technologist and Blockchain Enthusiast



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