A tokenized ecosystem for film and TV production

ephelants360 Main Sale


With the intention of democratizing the film and TV industry, ephelants360 is a platform designed to promote transparency and fairness in the industry, streamlining the process of content creation and rewarding the participating community. By improving the algorithmic selection to produce high-quality content, ensuring data transparency for more confident investments, and increasing productivity and efficiency, ephelants360 aims to boost the profitability of projects and speed up their completion. This in turn maximizes the returned value for every participant on the platform.

Token Distribution

Token Sale60%
Eco-System Reserve14%
Founders, Team9.2%


Jay Schweid
CEO & Production Strategy
Bettina Gilois
Award Winning Screenwriter & Author
Fernando Menezes
CIO & Blockchain + ICO Strategy
Artem Zaitsev
Head of Blockchain Development
Dario Luparello
Chief Digital Officer & Social Media Engineer
Monica Landers
Artificial Intelligence & NLP Advisor
Aleksander Djordjevic
Blockchain Development Director
Daniel Peter
Blockchain & UI/UX Developer
Anita A Moore
Director Strategic Partnerships
Abdul Rauf
Distributed Ledger Technology Advisor
Henri Kessler
Executive Producer & Investment Advisor
Valerie Gogoleva
Q+A Manager & Community Support
Francisco Martin
Marketing Director Spain + Latin America
Mark Park
Community Manager South Korea
Paul Lee
Finance & Investment Advisor
Francis Park
Community Manager South Korea
Ryan Kim
Community Manager South Korea
Kimberly Tse
Community Manager Chinese
Long L Yang
Community Manager Chinese
Claudia Brizendine
Strategic Partnerships Advisor
Diane Bernard
Chief Marketing & Growth Advisor
Alina Asadchaya
Community Manager Russia
Jenna Stone
PR + Marketing Advisor & Content Review
Xavier Garcia
Community Manager Latin America
Raul Pefaur
Finance & Community Manager LATAM
Roy Covalenco
Finance & Operations Advisor

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