A blockchain-based, tokenized approach to purchasing real estate and distressed bank assets

Elements Estates Public Crowd Sale


Elements Estates wants to improve the transparency of the real estate market and give investors the opportunity to tap into undervalued or distressed asset opportunities that would usually be reserved for ‘major players.’ Using the security of blockchain and smart contracts, Elements Estates intends to offer investors the chance to utilize their token platform to rent, buy, or engage with other services, all of which are primarily related to modern and newly developed properties. The platform aims to be secure, transparent, and to tap into the high-profit potential of distressed real estate for consumers.

Token Distribution

Business Costs, Team20%
Liquidity Pool – Tokens Locked20%


Peter Gorinšek
Chairman & Founder
Žiga Silič
CEO & Co-founder
Grega Mulej
Development Manager
Matej Grum
Chief marketing officer
Tal Navarro
Brand ambassador
Boris Savič
Blockchain developer
Blažka Radoja
Administration & Project support
Klemen Kastelic
Blockchain developer
Martin Širok
Blockchain developer

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