DIW offers a global, blockchain based decentralized network that focuses on user-security. The ecosystem they are creating is based on their own DIW token.

DIW Token


In an age where digital security is becoming ever more important, DIW offer a digital platform based on blockchain technology to provide a digital vault. It gives users the opportunity to create an encrypted and decentralized stronghold for their personal and private information across a variety of mediums. This includes personal data, identification and financial documents, login details, and cryptocurrency coins. Participating in the ecosystem means users can then connect with a global network of similar members.

The DIW ecosystem is powered by DIW tokens and gives users the opportunity to transact and exchange, both personal data and services, in a safe and secure way. Other services DIW offer include an escrow service, global directory, and payment gateway, all powered by the decentralized blockchain technology.


Token Distribution

Founders Tokens15%
Advisors & Partners5%
Future Partners8%


Stephanos Constantinou
CEO & Co-Founder
Christopher Zenios
COO & Co-Founder
Simon Zenios
Chief Legal Officer
Lucas Andrew H.
Chief Financial Officer
Chrysanthos Nonis
Chief Technology Officer
Steven Nonis
Solidity Developer
Michael Jakobsen
Blockchain & Software Consultant
George Zachariou
Senior Security Officer
Anton Bogdanov
Cryptographer & Application Developer
Nikolas Konstantinou
Chief Networking Officer
Constantina Samara
Senior Web Designer
Ben Boyadjian
Chief Analytics Officer
Christos Kyriacou
Business Development
Masha Soboleva
Russian Community Manager

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