Dataeum Public Sale


Sale starts in
43 days


Dataeum recognize that the data market is huge, worth an estimated $3 trillion. Much of this data is digital, but a good proportion is still physical. Elements such as stores, gas stations, and traffic signs may not have a digital presence. Dataeum means to change this with their distributed workforce of collectors.

The Dataeum mobile app will connect a network of collectors who will be rewarded with XDT tokens for collecting data. The company’s aim is to collect 100% of the physical data from around the world, and become the biggest data blockchain in doing so.

Token Distribution

Token Sale50%
Team, Investors & Bounty20%


Charly Pham
Billy Pham
Michael Trajkovic
cpo / cmo
Alain Rabahi
Hoa Thai Son
Head of product
Thanh-Quy Nguyen
Blockchain Developer
Constance du Breuil
marketing executive
Gaelle Bouvier
Head of Communication
Maxime Mechin
Designer UX / UI

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