Blockchain based movie streaming service that funds film directors

CryptoFlix ICO


Cryptoflix aims to incentivize audiences away from illegally downloaded content by allowing them to participate in a blockchain based streaming service. Their participation can earn them tokens as well as help stimulate a market that will help fund and subsidize up and coming filmmakers.


Token Distribution

Industry Reserve20%
Team & Advisors18%
Bounty & Campaign5%


Christian Falkenberg Husum
CEO and Producer
Stefan Steen Larsen
COO and Digital Rights Expert
Manmeet Singh
Strategic Advisor, Asia
Francisco Javier Pérez Rodríguez
Educational Content Ambassador
Peter Rommel
Producer, Advisory Board Member
Edward Arentz
Film Distributor, Advisory Board Member
Mike Boutwell
IT Architect, Advisory Board Member
Bastian Noreen Larsen
Full Stack Developer
Jonathan Brathwaite
Legal Advisor
George Thomas
Blockchain Developer
Gabriela Y. Rios
Marketing Manager



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