A tokenized worldwide social marketplace

cosquare Token Sale


As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, cosquare intends to create a social marketplace with its own unique currency, CSQ. By sharing products, making purchases, and influencing others, users are able to earn CSQ, with the platform acting as a social environment designed to encourage communication. Cosquare features benefits such as zero advertizing, cryptocurrency payment as mainstream options, and loyalty rewards to either spend on the platform or cash out.

Token Distribution

Token Sale65%
Platform Reserve15%
Long Term Incentives Team15%
Strategic Reserve5%


Duco Hiensch
Founder & President
Mairead O’Reilly
Communications & PR
Justin Busschau
Technical Director
Robin Verschuur
Solutions Architect
Michiel Herkemij
Business Advisor
Louis Thiers
Co-Founder & Vice President
Olav Johannesma
Financial Controller
Joel Freeborn
Lead UX/UI designer
Hilmar Nooitgedagt
Software Engineer
Luke Szkudlarek
Token Economy Advisor
Sergio Nicolò
Executive Director
Abraham Mouritz
Technology Counsel
Themi Tsiotas von Pfaler
Lead Web Developer
Timo Maas
System Engineer
Mario Colombo
Blockchain Advisor
Thomas Contin
ICO Legal Counsel
Chris Combs
Lead iOS Developer
Artiom Rapinchuk
Smart Contract Developer
Benno van Nierop
Business Development
Johnny Sørensen
Lead Android Developer
Tobias Vebel
Quality Assurance

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