Dragonchain: Simplified Blockchain App Creation and Increased Data Security

Dragonchain: Simplified Blockchain App Creation and Increased Data Security

Blockchain is blowing up, and as one of the most secure ways to transfer and store data, it shows great promise for many different industries and businesses. As a newer technology, many enterprises wanting to leverage blockchain are navigating the complexities of working with a new system and the potential security issues that come with it, particularly when it comes to sensitive data. Dragonchain is aiming to keep developers and investors safe and secure while creating a platform that allows the freedom to create and share projects.

With their commercial platform already launched, Dragonchain wants to allow businesses to build and deploy phe Incubator is the parrojects in a scalable way that mirrors what they are doing already, while leveraging the benefits and capabilities that blockchain offers.

What exactly is Dragonchain?

Dragonchain is a user-friendly platform and ecosystem with an accompanying marketplace that is designed to allow developers to build and deploy projects easily and helps businesses to leverage blockchain technology successfully.

It was founded by Disney (that’s right, Disney) and essentially offers a turnkey solution for business that are accustomed to conventional programming systems such as Java, Python, Node.js, and C# to utilize blockchain technologies and make blockchain applications without having to learn the ins and outs of blockchain and smart contracts. It’s like training wheels for companies that understand the potential but don’t have the technical knowhow or will to start from scratch with blockchain based technologies.

In addition to simplifying the integration of blockchain tech, they’ll offer continual support. The platform provides features like the protection of business data and operations, multi-currency support, and ‘currency agnosticism,’ meaning that no particular currency is preferred and that a blockchain can be created without currency at all.

The Dragonchain system is comprised of three parts – the platform, which focuses on business assets and their protection, the Incubator, which allows developers to launch a blockchain project, and the Marketplace, for community engagement and interaction with subject-matter experts and support. Let’s look at these in a little more detail.

The Dragonchain Platform

The decentralization of blockchain tech and the use of smart contracts for development and data sharing comes with a new kind of security issue, one which Dragonchain hopes to address with the inclusion of existing language development environments.

The data held within the blockchain can be protected more securely this way, but it requires advanced knowledge of blockchain technology, additional development, and can limit the utility of the blockchain system. When developers have the chance to use established programming languages, they are able to create a more secure product. Traditional software engineers and teams can build a system with superior safety mechanisms while leveraging the benefits of blockchain tech – the best of both worlds.

Dragonchain Architecture works through a five-point system of increasing security, creating a blockchain of blockchains. As each level is verified through varying means, the security becomes tighter while the risks decrease, giving consumers of blockchain data a higher level of trust. Greater verification provides greater protection for all parties involved.

The Dragonchain Incubator

The Incubator is the part of the platform that allows projects to grow and creates the standard process to launch a blockchain project.

This part of Dragonchain is designed to create a collaboration of blockchain enthusiasts and project founders and developers who are working together to achieve something great. Project owners will be able to compare and monitor projects on the marketplace dashboard. Blockchain investors who purchase tokens, or Dragons, will have early access to projects and can interact with the community to help determine the success of projects through crowd-scaling.

The Crowd Scaled Incubator uses prediction market mechanics to choose the projects that will be accelerated. Those who have invested in and have access to the Incubator are privy to a more significant amount of information, making their decisions and contributions more valuable. The active community-based choices allow founders to focus more on building their businesses rather than meetings and pitches.

The Dragonchain Marketplace

The Marketplace is designed explicitly for the benefit of the founders and developers. It is intended to become an ecosystem of sorts, a collaborative space where an active community of subject-matter experts are available to provide advice and support to project teams. Some of the subjects that the experts cover include legal and technical issues, marketing, cryptocurrency, and economics.

The Marketplace also includes resources for developers, such as libraries of pre-built smart contracts that have been monetized by developers for reuse. These smart contracts are executed in a traditional model and on a trusted node. Having this access means that developers can select the right contract for their business purposes, and again, are able to focus more pointedly on their project.

What about the Tokens?

Dragonchain uses tokens, known as Dragons, as a license to interact with their commercial platform services. Dragons can be used in different ways, depending on who is using them:

  • Founders - By joining the Incubator, founders are able to use Dragons to interact with vendors who are participating in the marketplace actively, and use them to accelerate their projects.
  • Developers - Dragons are used by developers to provision smart contracts, and also to create nodes to host the contracts.
  • Community - Community members with Dragons can gain early access to Incubated projects, be able to show projects their support, and gain first access to purchase tokens from projects they are interested in. They also get discounted services on the platform.


Dragons can also be used to reward organizations and individuals for running public or private nodes for network consensus.

As more industries and markets move into decentralized environments, the use of blockchain will grow as a means of transferring data. Dragonchain is offering existing and new businesses the opportunity to leverage the benefits of blockchain by creating a more accessible path towards this new technology. With the flexibility that it provides to founders and developers, Dragonchain aims to be the chosen platform for making plans, building businesses, and making dreams become a reality.

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