Cindicator Token (CND): An In-depth Look

Cindicator Token (CND): An In-depth Look

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned cryptocurrency investor or a relative newcomer, the markets right now can be confusing. Awash with new coins, companies, and exchanges, navigating the often turbulent waters can seem nigh on impossible. One such new arrival to the cryptocurrency market hoping to make waves is Cindicator and their token CND.

With their approach of blending AI-focused technology and collective intelligence, they aim to make cryptocurrency trading a more informed and data-driven process. In a nut shell, Cindicator makes market predictions that are based on user projections. Accurate user projections are rewarded, offering incentive to those who share valuable insight into the behavior of currencies. This system also incorporates the use of a coin of its own for special benefits on the site.

In this article we’ll examine some of the key features of Cindicator, how their initial coin offering of CND went, and the proposed benefits of both the technology and the token.

The Cindicator promotional video, showing the many opportunities the platform presents.

An example of the user interface of the Cindicator platform; it’s simple and effective.

Cindicator – The Basics

As Cindicator claim on their website, their hybrid intelligence service offers a ‘decentralized, community-driven infrastructure that harnesses the value of collective and artificial intelligence.’ We’ll explore exactly what this means in a later section, but for now we’ll look at what the company is.

Cindicator is a Russia-based financial technology, or fintech, company that was founded in 2015. They’ve brought together a wide range of experts from across the fields of data science, financial analytics, and asset management. The goal of Cindicator is to bring a new insight amongst the ‘growing uncertainty in the new post-capitalist era.’ What does this actually mean? Well, a quick look at the Cindicator whitepaper gives slightly more detail:

Cindicator creates the social and technological infrastructure needed to make effective decisions under the volatile conditions of the new economy. By combining a large number of diverse financial analysts and a set of machine-learning models into a single system, we are developing a Hybrid Intelligence infrastructure for the efficient management of investors’ capital in traditional financial and crypto-markets.

Essentially, Cindicator uses an app to collect huge amounts of data which is then analyzed, eventually giving predictions on future assets and commodities, including cryptocurrencies. The combination of user-made forecasts and machine learning algorithms (‘Hybrid Intelligence’) produces more informed results than ever before. Users are rewarded for correct forecasts using both points and cryptocurrency. They also have a bot which outputs data based on user predictions, as well as a ‘cyptometer’ which applies the insights specifically to the cryptocurrency niche.

The mobile app is easy to get started with and gives a lot of information.

CND and the ICO

Cindicator uses their own token, CND, to power their decentralized ecosystem. According to their whitepaper, CND tokens can be used to obtain access to different levels of Cindicator’s services. Not only is the amount of coins a contributing factor, the holder must also take an active role in the ecosystem. As for trading on the wider cryptocurrency markets, Cindicator see CND as a means of obtaining access to their services from the open market, as well as a tradeable currency.

The initial coin offering for CND went live in September 2017, with a fundraising goal of $11,250,000 in mind. Each token was valued at $0.01 USD, with 75% of the 1,500,000,000 CND being released in the sale. The distribution of the tokens seemed to be fair, with 20% going to the Cindicator Company, 3.8% to advisors & partners, 1% going into the reward program and .2% for current forecasters.

Cindicator – How it Works

At its heart, Cindicator is a prediction market, and a very sophisticated one at that. Investors have been clamoring to find a system that makes use of AI when it comes to market predictions, with huge amounts being invested over the last decade. Cindicator uses the principles of machine-learning to spot trends, as well as user predictions, in order to spot investment opportunities. The best part about this is that their system is already live and running, their app is available to download for both iOS and Android.

When you first open the app, you are presented with a feed about future markets, both traditional and crypto ones. It will usually give you a statement about a particular asset, as well as ask a question about how it will perform over the coming days or weeks. As a user, you can then make a prediction as to the outcome/performance of said investment. Correct predictions are rewarded, and users can expect to receive a payout of a share of the 1.25 BTC monthly prize fund depending on their contribution.

Other services from Cindicator, the aforementioned bot and cyptometer, are accessible to a greater or lesser degree depending on how much of the company’s CND tokens you hold.

Cindicator RewardsAs you can see, there are different tiers of access, determined by how many CND tokens a user holds.

Benefits of Cindicator

There’s no doubt that this is an exciting platform for cryptocurrency traders. The technology that powers it is innovative, and the fact it’s already live and working is fantastic news. The company itself seems to have a well-planned model for how they want their decentralized ecosystem to function. Cindicator’s core team is full of experience across a broad range of sectors, and they’ve already developed a dedicated user base and community.

There really aren’t many direct competitors to Cindicator; the fact that they’re covering both traditional markets and the cryptocurrency sphere presents a unique opportunity for investors and traders. Whether or not the platform is profitable, or whether CND will rise in value remains to be seen. Although it spiked to around $0.306 in mid-January 2018, it has since fallen back to around $0.083 at the time of writing.

The CND Token

The initial coin offering of CND ended in October 2017, and it’s now not possible to purchase CND directly using fiat currency. As CND is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, it is possible to store the tokens in an existing ETH wallet. Your best bet for buying CND is to use the Cindicator-suggested exchange Binance. By using Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, you can exchange them into CND on the Binance exchange. Although the value of CND depends on the success of Cindicator’s platform, using the token to access features such as the Cindicator bot and cryptographer is certainly an intriguing prospect.

Cindicator – One to Watch?

The founders of Cindicator have a clearly constructed business model, and the technology that they have developed seems incredibly powerful. After just a short amount of time using the app, users find themselves analyzing potential investments and market movements. As this user data feeds back into the AI-assisted service, investors can start to identify areas of opportunity. The reward system is enough to encourage users to express their honest opinions, and the fact that the whole Cindicator ecosystem is decentralized removes any market bias.

Whether or not the CND token is a good investment remains to be seen. Early signs are promising however, and as the platform grows no doubt the demand for CND will as well. If you want to make use of the full Cindicator service, it may be worth acquiring some.

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