Aworker: A Highly Efficient, Incentivized Blockchain-Based Hiring System

Aworker: A Highly Efficient, Incentivized Blockchain-Based Hiring System

Aworker is a new blockchain-based hiring platform that gives more power to the employee. They hope to create a new way for employees that replaces the conventional norms and practices of human resource departments, hiring and recruitment services. With their platform aspiring workers can create a profile that will boost their reputation with all the help they need and deserve.

Redefining Human Resources

Aworker’s mission statement outlines the fact that personnel recruitment is one of the most lucrative markets in the world, making hundreds of billions of dollars every single year, but with their new decentralized business model they hope to be able to reduce commission fees and hiring costs. That would leave more money in the pool to give to the people who Aworker believes matter the most: the employees.

All processes will be done with what they call their WORK token, which is an ERC20. It will be used to help reward members who have the highest and most reputable rankings which will allow them to acquire higher paying jobs that suit both their level of skill and their reputation.

Smart Contracts Will Help Change the Name of the Game

One of the key features of Aworker is transparency. This should not come as a major surprise as transparency is one of the defining aspects of blockchain technology in general. Using the Ethereum blockchain, Aworker hopes to be able to provide unfiltered and completely trustworthy information to both aspiring workers and companies looking to hire.

Aworker’s methods are meant to attract companies searching for employees by offering them both reduced hiring costs and more reliable employee statistics. On the flip side, they are also hoping to attract these potential employees with a number of incentives.

Why will Aworker change the labor market?

Get Paid as You Look for Work

It’s no secret to anyone in the job hunting business that looking for work is a job in and of itself. Luckily, Aworker has already figured this out for themselves. Members of their platform will be able to acquire their proprietary WORK tokens by performing simple tasks.

Uploading resumes or other verifying documents, recommending other people to the website, passing courses and other such tasks will all be rewarded with WORK tokens. It’s a clever way of keeping people motivated to stay on track and not get discouraged.

How can you earn WORK tokens?

Blockchain Implementation

How does blockchain technology make Aworker different from other hiring platforms? For one thing, your resume is always inside of the blockchain. This allows for a more analytical hiring process that takes advantage of P2P technology.


Let’s say a company that deals in selling laptops logs into their Aworker account and puts out a message searching for a highly qualified sales specialist. Their request will go through Aworker’s program as it searches for a number of candidates who are deemed most compatible with the job offer. Previous work experience, completed courses on the site and education along with a number of other factors are considered in selecting candidates. All of this information is stored in the blockchain as long as aspiring workers have their profiles set up and completed.

Conceptually, this is a major improvement on the conventional method of posting an ad listing and waiting for any number of people to sign up or email in their cover letters and resumes. The problem with the older method is that anyone can hand in their information, even if they aren’t qualified. This makes it more of a tedious grind for hiring firms to discover the optimal candidates. If the Aworker system works as well as their team describes it, it has the potential to revolutionize the way corporations carry out recruitment duties online.

With Aworker, the blockchain simply acts as a highly selective candidate chooser which weeds out all unqualified options. It’s a form of digitized natural selection and will be a huge benefit to companies by cutting down on the time and resources spent on hiring.

ICO Details

As of May 26th, Estonia-based Aworker is having a private token sale, which if it doesn’t sell out will end on June 26th. This is actually their fourth token sale as the previous three all successfully sold out. 250 million WORK tokens are available at a 20% discount. Each token is worth 0.00002 ETH and the minimum purchase amount is 0.5 ETH. Their public sale is still TBA as per their website. Their main launch is tentatively set for some time in 2019.

Aworker - Token Sale

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