Alt.Estate – An Upcoming ICO that Will Tokenize Real Estate

Alt.Estate – An Upcoming ICO that Will Tokenize Real Estate

The two things that typically prevent a real world market from joining the world of crypto are the protocol and the platform. But soon the real estate market will be granted both of these things. Alt.Estate is a new finance-tech company that will soon launch their own ICO. Their mission is to create a service where real world property and property assets can be purchased with cryptocurrency. It may sound hard to believe but after several test runs, Alt.Estate has already successfully tokenized three different properties in the United States, Japan and Europe.

An Experienced, Well-Respected Team

The team is made up of experts and professionals with a very interdisciplinary background. Software engineers, marketing experts, IT experts ,and real estate mergers and acquisitions directors form the top layer of Alt.Estate’s management and advisers. They’ve handled a total of $4 billion throughout their combined business careers. This alone should solidify their credibility. It is through their collective expertise that properties have already gone live, giving their ICO the hype and buzz it has acquired lately.

You’re probably already asking yourself, “What am I going to do with 4 centimeters worth of property in a foreign country?” and it’s true, no one expects you to live or vacation there. Unless Alt.Estate really gains traction in the future and attracts people with enough cash or token to buy entire estates, the real purposes for now are for investment and portfolio diversification.

Alt.Estate Team

Projected Profits Backed by Data

Alt.Estate has included on their main website a financial model that predicts that the demand for ALT tokens will increase about 10 times by the year 2021. This is good news for anyone who has or is planning on investing in the right alt coins. But this is also good news if you choose to purchase any of Alt.Estate’s properties.

Demand for AL Token

If the demand really does increase massively over the next three years then owners of property purchased with Alt.Estate and owners of their token ALT will see big, big gains. It’s no secret that land and property increases in value over time. If someone were to own a couple meters squared of Alt.Estate property and enough alt coins and sold at the right time later down the line, the profits would be huge. At least this is the angle Alt.Estate seems to implicitly be selling.

The potential for portfolio prestige is also extremely promising. It is normally very difficult to own property, let alone very small portions of it, in a country you do not reside in. Alt.Estate offers users the opportunity to own land in exotic places that would give their portfolio an unprecedented edge. Imagine being able to say you own valuable pieces of estate in various locations all across the world (even if they are small).

A Way Around Costly Real Estate Fees

This is only really possible in a crypto-based market. Property transaction costs are usually much higher but thanks to the tokenization of the entire process, large fees that would go up to 30% of the market value have been eliminated.

The prototypes so far have seen promising results but nothing like the sell out that their presale has acquired. With 109 square meters available in the US, eight have been sold and three are booked. With 27 sq/m in Japan, five are sold and two are booked. And in the European Union, four are sold and three are booked out of a total of 114 sq/m.

The interface for viewing and selecting each individual square meter is simple and eloquent and really shows specific details as to precisely what it is you would be buying. Each square meter is worth anywhere from 100,000 to over a million ALT tokens, depending on which region you select.

Alt.Estate Properties

The ICO begins on May 30th and will end on June 30th. Each ALT token is priced at 0.00001 ETH, or 100,000 ALT, which is worth the same as 1 ETH. Their soft cap is $1 million US with a hard cap of $30 million. Whether you are an avid crypto enthusiast, a real estate developer or broker, or an investor, this is one ICO you ought to pay attention to over the following four weeks.

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